Omi Interactive Board

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The residents are enjoying our new activities board which has hundreds of games and apps

What is the Omi Interactive Board?

The Omi interactive board is an award-winning technology in dementia care. Being an interactive surface that operates with a simple touch of the device, purposely designed to help stimulate resident’s engagement with activities, memory re-call and relaxation.

The greatest aspect of this innovative system is the suitability for all ages & abilities. Being a mobile tool that all residents can have access to, set up at any location, from the living area to even residents’ bedrooms!

Our Omi Activities

The device is also flexible in allowing residents and staff to create their own surfaces. Which is great for personalising activities to suit residents needs and wants, with it being reactive from the slightest movement or gesture, promoting mobility and exercise with physical activities.

Activities can range from: interactive quizzes encouraging discussion and memory recall, therapeutic scenes and sounds from nature, (the virtual water effects being the homes favourite) or even social games promoting physical dexterity and group participation, bringing the residents together with shared moments of laughter and joy.

 Here’s what head of the home’s activities Birinder Dale had to say

‘Our residents are concentrating for far longer than before, and more importantly, showing enjoyment from interaction with fellow residents. We are pleased with the positive feedback & reactions that we have received from staff & residents since the Omi interactive board entered our home’