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How we can help through our services

Our Nursing Home in Berkshire offers an unparalleled senior care experience. Discover our comprehensive range of care services, which meet unique needs and enhance the well-being of loved ones.

    Residents’ rooms

    Being surrounded by much-loved possessions, family photographs and familiar furniture can help our residents to feel at home. Everyone is encouraged to make their room in our beautiful Edwardian home just how they want it - all that's important is that they open their door and feel at ease.

    A cozy accommodation bedroom with a single bed adorned with a blue quilt, a teddy bear perched on top of a white pillow, a bedside table with a small bouquet of flowers, and a mirror

    Health & wellbeing

    The on-call nursing care we provide is available 24/7. We have a close working relationship with our local GP practice who come to the nursing home weekly. Regular visits from opticians, dietitians, speech and language therapists ensure that our residents' wellbeing is promoted and encourages a healthier lifestyle.

    An elderly man and a healthcare worker in conversation about health and wellbeing while sitting at a table with a chessboard and magazines, in a cozy, well-lit room.

    Tailored care

    Oxford House can provide high-quality care for men and women who are, for one reason or another, no longer able to live independently. We also offer short-stay respite and convalescent care.

    An elderly person with a bright smile sits in a patterned armchair, holding a small object related to their personalized healthcare plan, with a vintage mantle clock on a table beside them.

Testimonials from happy clients and carers

The exceptional care provided by Oxford House Nursing Home has had a profound impact on the well-being of our clients and their families.

    First class Home

    Keith B, relative

    This was my Mum's second home and we were always made welcome whatever time of day.

    Valerie H, daughter of resident

    Mum's last months at Oxford House were happy and contented and that was so much to do with the care she received.

    Colin E, son of resident

    It's the people that make the place.

    Ted, relative

    All staff are very friendly and caring and are committed to making the home a comfortable and relaxed environment.

    MO, daughter of resident

    Mum has been a resident at Oxford House for a few years now, the standard of care and nursing is exceptional and Mum's general health and wellbeing has continually improved."

    Helen H, daughter of resident

    The home has everything I need. I feel very well cared for. I enjoy flower arranging and painting at the home.

    Mary W, resident

    I've lived in the home for 5 years. The management are very nice. The nursing staff are lovely. The carers are very good. I enjoy joining in with the activities. I can't say a bad word about anyone here.

    Dot G, resident

    The staff spoil me here. Very willing to help.

    Renee M, resident

    I have everything in my room that I need. It has become home from home. I chose the colour for my room, it was my choice and it was done quickly. I feel very lucky.

    Kath B, resident